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This online-shop is runned by the non-profit organisation Strandagaldur, Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft, Hólmavík, Iceland. 

Orders are posted from the Post Office in Hólmavík, Iceland.

If you are not happy with your product, please contact us by e-mail,  galdrasyning@holmavik.is or call +354 897 6525.

All good sold are non-refundable unless they are faulty or differ from what was advertised, in which case we will reimburse in full the purchase price. Shipping cost is never refunded.

Estimated shipping time is:
To Europe
*4-6 weekdays
To N-America (USA & Canada)
*6-12 weekdays
To Center and South America
*10-12 weekdays
To Ocenia
*8-12 weekdays
To Asia and SSR
*7-14 weekdays

* Depents on mail service in your country. Estimated delivery time does not take unusual delays into account. Exclude weekends and holidays.

If you have any further queries regarding shipping & returns or the ONLINE SHOP please contact our Administration Officer at galdrasyning@holmavik.is or call +354 897 6525.

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